Recent Research

Researcher – Department of Archaeology, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (2014 to present)

Working with the Vice Dean of Petra College for Tourism and Archaeology on an on-going basis to undertake an analysis of the tourist attraction system related to the Petra Archaeological Park in order to plan for the integration of recently discovered Neolithic villages as part of the visitor experience. To date, this project has involved interviews and observations with stakeholders with an interest in the Park (2014) and administration of a visitor survey with international visitors during 2015. Further work will involve establishing community tourism planning processes.

Project Leader (2006 to 2010) – Sustainable Regional Tourism Destinations: Best Practice for management, development and marketing

(Published May 2010)

This project was initiated by the Australian Regional Tourism Network and was funded at $300,000 over 3-years (2006 to 2010) by the Sustainable Tourism CRC. The aim of the project was to determine best practice for the sustainable development, marketing and management of regional tourism destinations in Australia. Meredith led a team of 7 senior researchers from 5 Australian universities for this project. The project involved a comprehensive review of literature related to destination development, marketing and management.

From this, focus group workshops were organised with principal stakeholders involved in planning and decision making for tourism in 21 destinations and regions around Australia from July 2006 to February 2007. Research activity involved a cross-case analysis of these initial findings and developing detailed case studies of best practice for the 21 destinations by the research team. A final report of findings was authored by Dr Wray and published in May 2010 by the STCRC.

See Sustainable Regional Tourism Destinations

Reference Group Member (2010) – ST CRC Sustainable Tourism Online Portal

Meredith was invited as one of two researchers to work with STCRC and EC3 Global to assist with the writing and development of the Destinations section of this web portal. This online resource was developed to deliver research tools to support policy and practice in Australian and international tourism following the wind-up of the STCRC in June 2010. Sustainable Tourism Online has been developed following research and consultation which identified demand for a comprehensive sustainable tourism resource for end users.

See Sustainable Tourism Online – Destinations and Communities

Senior Researcher (2009) – Health Tourism in Australia: Supply, Demand and Opportunities

(published April 2010)

This STCRC report was commissioned to explore the current status of wellness and medical tourism in Australia and to identify future opportunities to build these niche tourism sectors domestically and internationally.