Recent Projects

recent projects

Research Consultant (2017), Local Government Queensland Association

Engaged by the Griffith University’s Institute for Tourism to assist in the preparation of LGA grant applications to the Queensland Government’s Building Our Regions infrastructure fund

Marketing Consultant (2017) Frost Collective

Engaged to assist in the preparation of a proposal to Central Coast Council to create and deliver destination marketing services for the Central Coast (NSW)

Planning Consultant (2017), Ku-ring-gaI Council Destination Management Plan

Developed the Kur-ring-gai Destination Management Plan 2017 to 2020 in collaboration with SGB Advisory, that included scoping for master planning for the re-development of the St Ives Precinct as a key destination for tourism and events in Sydney

Planning Consulant (2016/2017), Eurobodalla Shire Council (2016/2017)

Undertook a comprehensive review of the Eurobodalla Destination Management 2011 to 2020 and developed the Eurobodalla Destination Action Plan 2017 to 2020 that also involved determining recommendations for Council staffing and industry advisory arrangements for tourism, events and business development.

Research Consultant, Murweh Shire Council (2016)

Engaged by the Griffith University’s Institute for Tourism to develop a Astro Tourism Best Practice Review Report to inform tourism experience development at the Cosmos Centre, Charleville (QLD)

Planning Consultant (2016), Eurobodalla Shire Council, Tourism Sector Analysis

Engaged to prepare and present a report that identified issues and challenges that may impede or drive the growth and development of tourism to Eurobodalla from national, state, regional and local perspectives to inform the development of an Integrated Economic Growth Development Strategy for the Eurobodalla Shire. A set of actions were proposed to best influence and stimulate future tourism growth to ensure a robust and vibrant visitor economy that align with community values.

Research Consultant (2015/2016) – Great Lakes Tourism – Summer Visitor Survey

Engaged to design a visitor survey to help Great Lakes Tourism to better understand the profiles of visitors (e.g. age, place of residence, travel party types), what they like to experience on their holidays, their satisfaction with different types of experiences and their travel decision-making process. Findings will help to better plan for the marketing of destinations and experiences in the Great Lakes.

Planning Consultant and Project Leader (2015/2016) – Coffs Harbour City Council – Coffs Coast Tourism Strategic Plan 2020

Engaged by Coffs Harbour City Council to develop a strategic tourism plan to guide the sustainable management, development, and marketing for the Coffs Coast and its towns and villages over the next five years. The plan is being developed in collaboration with Sarah Lebski and Bill Fox and a Council Steering Council Committee. The plan is being developed to position the Coffs Coast as a leading regional destination, and to build a resilient tourism economy that benefits both visitors and residents.

Planning Consultant (2015/2016) – South Australian Tourism Commission – Review of South Australian Regional Tourism Structures and Working Relationships

Engaged as part of a consultancy team, lead by Dr Kristine Peters (KPPM Strategy) and Dr Claire Ellis (Claire Ellis Consulting), to provide strategic advice and assistance in the development of recommendations, options and guiding principles to guide the future growth of South Australia’s regional sector.

Planning Consultant (2014) – Tourism Victoria – Regional Tourism Board and Destination Management Plan Review

Engaged as part of a consultancy team to undertake an evaluation, of the performance and impact of RTBs and DMPs that have been developed and implemented in Victoria’s regions. This review was guided by recommendations arising from the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s (VCEC) Final Report Unlocking Victorian Tourism: An Inquiry into Victoria’s Tourism Industry (2012). A final report was submitted in December.

Planning Consultant (2014/15) – Destination New South Wales – Tourism Product and Experience Analysis and Mapping Research Project

This research involves analysing 26 regional Destination Management Plans to identify the main tourism product and experiences across regional NSW. Findings where contrasted to Australian Tourism Data Warehouse geo-coded data to develop a series of maps representing the main tourism experiences across regional NSW.

Planning Consultant (2014) – Destination New South Wales – Destination Management Plan Review & Analysis

This research reviewed and analysed the content of the 26 DMPs submitted to the Regional Visitor Economy Fund to identify areas for improvement in relation to stakeholder consultation, and opportunities/gaps related to destination development, management, and marketing presented in the plans. Findings were used to develop a guide to assist stakeholders in managing the DMP process into the future.

Planning Consultant (2011/2012) – Destination New South Wales – Good Practice for Effective Stakeholder Engagement and Destination Planning for Regional Tourism

This project was undertaken for the Regional Tourism Unit, Destination New South Wales (DNSW), to inform the development of a stakeholder engagement and destination planning process to guide the establishment of the Inland NSW Tourism, and to inform regional tourism strategic planning processes. The project involved undertaking a review of recent academic research related to good practice for effective stakeholder engagement and destination planning.

In addition, interviews were facilitated with representatives of State Tourism Organisations involved in regional tourism. From this research, a set of good practice research principles and STO good practices were identified. A proposed stakeholder engagement process was then developed to guide the development of an integrated regional tourism planning process for Inland NSW Tourism.

From this, the first part of the strategic planning process has involved facilitating a destination engagement process with stakeholders within the former Capital Country Tourism RTO region that nominated to be the first to participate in this process. The aim of the destination engagement process was to understand the issues, opportunities and challenges for tourism at for important destinations within the Capital Country region. A comprehensive report of this engagement process was prepared for Destination NSW and Inland NSW Tourism.

Project Leader (2011/2012) – Stakeholder Engagement for the establishment of the Byron Visitor Industry Association 2011/2012

I was encouraged and invited to lead the establishment of this Association due to my knowledge of tourism in Byron Shire and my destination planning research work. This involved facilitating meetings and consultation forums from December 2011 to July 2012 with interested local stakeholders including: the Byron shire Tourism Advisory Group, chambers of commerce, community associations, tourism and hospitality operators, and environmental agencies within in Byron Shire.

In addition, I also liaised with senior representatives of Destination New South Wales and Byron Shire Council related to the formation of this association. I undertook this work in a voluntary capacity.

Sub-committee (2011) – National Long Term Tourism Strategy – Destination Management Planning Working Group

Meredith was invited as a member of this committee in February 2011. The role of the committee was to action priorities from the National Long Term Tourism Strategy, in particular, ‘to build national capacity for delivering destination management planning and analyse barriers and gaps in research preventing effective destination management planning’.

Project Leader (2011) – Eurobodalla Destination Management Plan 2012 to 2020

In June 2010, Eurobodalla Shire Council advised its intention to undertake a review of its tourism activities including: the strategy for promoting tourism; the organisation structure of the tourism team; the composition, role, structure and activities of its Tourism Advisory Board; and supporting operations such as visitor information centres. The Eurobodalla Destination Management Plan 2011 to 2020 has been jointly funded by Council and the NSW Department of Industry and Investment.

The Plan and has been developed by Wray Sustainable Tourism Research and Planning in cooperation with a Council Steering Committee that was established to guide the strategic tourism planning process. The Plan is due to go before Council in November 2012.

Project Leader (2010) – Broken Hill Strategic Tourism Plan 2010 to 2020

The City of Broken Hill is recognised by government, businesses and tourists as an important destination within the Outback region of New South Wales, Australia. The Broken Hill Strategic Tourism Plan 2010 to 2020 was developed as a collaborative research project led by Dr Meredith Wray in collaboration with Andrea Roberts (Manager, Community Economic Development, Broken Hill City Council).

The Plan was prepared as part of Broken Hill City Council’s commitment to ensure the sustainable management, development and marketing for Broken Hill over the next ten years.

Project Leader (2007 to 2008) – Byron Shire Tourism Management Plan – 2008 to 2018

An important objective of the strategic tourism planning process was to consider strategies to better manage and promote existing tourism product and experiences and to capitalise on emerging opportunities associated with film, sustainable energies and increasing profile in heritage. The need for a Tourism Management Plan was identified as part of Byron Shire Council’s (BSC) commitment to ensure the sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism for Byron Shire over the next ten years.

Thirteen objectives were developed to guide the management, development, and marketing of tourism for the Shire over the next ten-years. These objectives were considered within BSC’s sustainability framework.

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Project Leader (2007 to 2008) – Destination Daylesford Strategic Tourism Plan – 2008 to 2018

Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and surrounds is an important wellness centre. It contains over 80% of Australia’s mineral water reserves creating a unique tourism region and the opportunity to position it in the future as an iconic, internationally renowned, mineral springs and wellness destination for national and global visitors. The area has been identified as a Level-One destination region by Tourism Victoria.

The Destination Daylesford Strategic Tourism Plan provided the first coordinated strategic and integrated approach to the management, development and marketing of tourism for Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and Surrounds.

The Plan was developed in collaboration with Tourism Victoria, the Hepburn Regional Tourism Association, Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford & Macedon Ranges Tourism Inc., A comprehensive consultation process was undertaken to engage business, government and community stakeholders throughout the strategic planning process.

The process involved developing a shared vision for tourism and identification of the important issues and challenges. The Plan comprises 10 strategic focus areas organised under the platforms of destination management, development and marketing that link with Tourism Victoria’s 10 Year Tourism and Events Industry Strategy.

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